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A Christmas Carol In Gay Apparel

Written by Karen White and Leigh Burrows

A Christmas Carol in Gay Apparel is an original comedy that parodies the story of Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol. Eleanor S. Crooge has the classic ‘humbug’ issues as the Dickens’ character, along with the added burden of being in denial that she is gay.

Eleanor S. Crooge works at her yoga clothing company, Everywear Yoga, staffed by a quartet of eccentrics. They try their best to share Christmas cheer despite their employer’s tight control and eye on profit. Tina Timmins, a high school student and victim of homophobic bullying, has the audacity to ask Crooge for a donation toward the creation of a Gay Straight Alliance at her school.

Marley is a college girlfriend who visits Crooge many years later as a ghost in her closet. Marley admits to her own past homophobia and urges Crooge to come out before it’s too late.

Her warning is followed by visits from the Ghost of Lesbians Past, Ghost of Lesbians Present, and Ghost of Lesbians Future. We see many scenes of Crooge’s life enacted as the ghosts urge her towards being her authentic self.

Eight actors play thirty roles in this comedy with sketches, songs and drag.

“Poignantly relatable...charming humour and sassy wit that is easily accessible to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good comedy.” – Vancouver Weekly


“A Christmas Carol In Gay Apparel keeps the audience laughing throughout the entire performance” – Performance Review

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