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Karen White

I’ve loved theatre since I was a young child. I’ve tried just about every job. I love the progress, teamwork, rehearsal, and the challenge to creativity, organization, and problem solving. The ultimate reward is the show. 'To see a group of strangers sitting together in the dark, laughing and crying about the same things, that just knocks me out. The audience is art.’ - Jane Wagner

Taylor Stutchbury

When you find the thing you love to do with a group you love, what more can you ask. I have done a lot of plays over the years and these women are one of the most inspiring groups I have ever had the pleasure of sharing theatre. 

Leigh Burrows

Words cannot describe my passion for these nutballs, my chosen family. I wear many hats in this group - actor, writer, director, producer, media slave, costume forager, and general grunt. It is a labour of love, and I am all the richer for it. 

Eroca Zales

Favourite roles include a bible-totin' battle axe, a malicious magistrate, a nurse with an axe to grind, a pill poppin' yuppie, a pot smokin' senior, an upper class twit, trailer park trash, a bag lady, an obsessive Freudian, a suicidal adulteress, a mad prophet, a serial killer, and any LT production.

Kiri McGuire

It's been an amazing journey to work with such a dedicated and passionate group. I have been a dedicated actor in numerous LT productions.

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Jacqueline Korb

Writing and performing her own work for over 20 years, Jackie is the founder of Little Basket Theatre Company, producing the live sitcom, Slacks. Other written works are Pleased To Meet You, How To Find Your Mate, Women Of Career, Partners, Mrs. Baxter and The Last Piece.

Nicki Regnier

I felt like I found my people when I was cast in Out Again at the Inn, my first show with the Leaping Thespians. As a lesbian actor, it is a dream to finally get to play LGBTQ roles. I love working with these hilarious, talented women.  They even got me into performing drag!

Jacqueline Ainsworth

Jacq is an actor, director, and audiobook producer. She deeply appreciates the welcoming creative environment of the LTs, creating new work with women's voices, and providing an inclusive and friendly groups to explore and express aspects of her own gender identity.

Rachel Gadd

A Irish actor who's credits include Gossip in The Cage Birds, Edith in Blythe Spirit, Clara Eynsford-Hill in Pygmalion, and the psychological thriller Gas Light, Rachel is glad to be back to her comedy roots. 

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