Karen White

The director's job is all about collaboration. Every project is about assembling the team that can make it happen. I have always been thrilled with my casting decisions. If they are right, 90% of my work is done. And the fun can begin!

Taylor Stutchbury

Writing, acting and directing with the Leaping Thespians has been a blast. These women are amazing. I have done a lot of plays over the twenty years and these women make up one of the most positive and awe inspiring groups with whom I have ever had the pleasure of sharing theatre.

Leigh Burrows

Words cannot describe my passion for these nut-balls, my chosen family. I wear many hats in this group, including actor, writer, director, producer, graphic designer, flyer putter-upper, costume forager, social media slave, and general grunt. It is a labour of love. I have acquired many skills from being in this group, and I'm all the richer for it.

Eroca Zales

Favourite roles include a Bible-totin' battle axe, a malicious magistrate, a nurse with an axe to grind, a pill poppin' yuppie, two pot smokin' seniors, an upper class twit, trailer park trash, a bag lady, an obsessive Freudian, a suicidal adulteress, a mad prophet, two serial killers and any Leaping Thespian production.

Kiri McGuire

It's been an amazing journey to work with such a dedicated and passionate group. I've been wearing the actor's hat now for 7 years and have played Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, George Noon in Cannibal! The Musical, Andy in Collage: Homage to Kurt Schwitters, and Marie in A Study from Friends.

Jacqueline Korb

Jackie is a graduate of the theatre program at Douglas College. She has been writing and performing her own work for over twenty years. In 2011 she founded Little Basket Theatre Company, which produces the hit live sitcom, Slacks. Other written works include Pleased to Meet You, How to Find Your Mate, Women of Career, Partners, Mrs. Baxter and The Last Piece. She has performed with the Leaping Thespians on two occasions, in A Fateful Meeting of Les Femme Fatales and Out at The Inn.

Jacqueline Ainsworth

Jacq is a local actor, director and audiobook producer. She is grateful for groups that create new work with womxn’s voices and deeply appreciates the welcoming creative environment she finds when working with the Leaping Thespians. It is such an inclusive and friendly group that it has provided a healing space for Jacq to explore and express aspects of her own gender identity and presentation that hasn’t been possible anywhere else!

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