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Join Us!

Ever wanted to be on stage or behind the scenes? Ever wanted to be a part of a fun and queer theatre community?  Contact us with your interests. You may just be the person we need.

Leaping Thespians is an award-winning, independent, theatre collective of queer artists + allies. We come together to produce sapphic stories of lesbian lives to anyone who wants to watch. Leaping Thespians has written six original full act plays, and produces sketches, drag, and variety shows. We nurture emerging artists on stage and behind the scenes. We have won awards in theatre festivals around the province, including Best Production, Best Script, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Set, and the People's Choice Award. Leaping Thespians debuted in the 1990's in Nelson BC, and has been producing shows in Vancouver since the early 2000's. 

Help make our dreams come true!


We rely solely on our own budget, and consider it a labour of love :) If you like what we do, help us continue by making a donation, or become a Sponsor! Email us for more info.

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